Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Americans around the world always have dreams and hope those dreams would come true. Hope to me means that they have a feeling that they will make it or they wish something happens, I believe that hope is something that will not stop them from achieving what they wanna achieve or stop dreaming, something inside them gives them confidence and helps by pushing them forward and allowing them to continue on what they were doing. Something that gives me hope and how i achieve things is by thinking i can do it and finish it. I believe that the things that threatens hope is the negative people around you or negative problems that you are facing . People can say many things that can get your hopes down and think you can not achieve it  because they said those things that put you down and not do anything prove them wrong. Hope is also something people trust, meaning they give the hope. Hope is an attitude of the mind based on what you want.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#5 Response to " The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

I think the society described in this story is trying to be happy, in this story they are in the summer having a blast in the summer festival near the water that shines. Later in the story they talk about how they find out the kid is in the cage, when they find out they are taught how it feels to be alone and by themselves. I believe this story is about how someone is sad and not in the page where everyone is at , the kid isn't in the festival having fun instead he has caged himself with his unhappiness and is in this room. It also says in the summary that people would come and see this kid in the cage and when they do they walk away and never come back. I believe that his unhappiness will change everything and everyone if this person is released. I believe this is a society of unhappiness because people do not want to be around the kid , they think that the kid will change them and make them the way he is. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

#4; Thinking about social justice

I believe that social justice is something that people do everyday, for example when people apply for a job or something they might not accept them because they are a race that other people who are there are not or they are not good enough or smart enough. Something that is wrong with the social justice is people are not fair with other people. The video that helped me more understand the meaning of social justice is the second video called "Social Justice- is it still relevant in the 21st century?" by Charles L.Robbins. This helped me understand it more because what he was talking about, like the inequalities that people had and how unfair they were with other races. Social justice to me means for people to achieve what they can do , where everyone is allowed to dream about what they wanna do and be capable to do it. Around the world some people do not even go to school because some are girls and they think that the ladies do not need to go to school because they will not do anything with their lives. These days some of these social justice are good, people can go to school and learn but one think about the society is policeman they sometimes just be rude to the person they pulled over. Another thing about social justice is today people who earn a lot of money and fame or even wealth are unfair with the people who do not earn much of that, they should help them with that but they do not help. Sometimes our social do not let girls play on the sports that they wanna play in because they are girls and that sport is for boys, that is unfair for the people that wanna play that. A social issue today are racism, drugs, and violence, hunger, all of these stuff are what is wrong with today's generation, this is something that will always keep having. These social justice are all over the world, at school there is social justice sometimes people could be racist or even violence in school, like fights and arguments. These are things that are wrong with social justice.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

pursuit of unhappiness

The pursuit of unhappiness is when people think they can not do something or they try to hard to be happy so they end up not having joy and not being happy. In the essay "In Pursuit of Unhappiness"  it mostly talks about how some people try hard to get happiness from people or for themselves, another thing in paragraph (12) it says "Don't have a happy new year!, have dinner with your family i think that is talking about how they wanna be happy and do all this stuff with people like go out and party, then having a feast or dinner with the people they love and adore. In the "pursuit of unhappiness" essay it has a chart saying the stuff that people say make them happy the most is fame and service projects, and more like movies. People like all this fame and stuff like money, trying hard but if they try less and not expect it then something amazing will happen like joy in them or even happiness. When people say they wanna be happy or do stuff they expect to be joyful at the moment that they do that thing, thinking they expect this and that.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The outcome of happiness

The Ted talk that i watched was called "Plug into your hard-wired happiness" by Srikumar Rao . I watched this Ted talk video because we have not seen this in class. This video was about happiness and it talks about how to let go and and stop saying stuff like "i would be happy if , this and that". What I did in the blog post 2 is I wrote that it is okay to chase happiness i also wrote that it is okay to be happy because everyone needs to be happy and if you do not chase happiness or what is making you happy you will never be happy and joyful. This video also talks about embracing the power of our happiness, also talks about that you have to get this to be happy or get a good relationship to be happy or get money to be happy. It talks about when you have a goal sometimes you do not achieve it, but if you try to be happy you will. Srikumar says "we live in a world where what we think of and invest in is the out come" that means you needa take steps where you want to to get where you want to. You have to invest on the outcome not on the process. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I think happiness is something that makes your heart feel loved and makes you laugh and smile. Something that makes me happy is being with my family and just making memories with them, one of my best memories that i have with my whole family is going to Disneyland with them and getting on fun rides and pictures and stayed in a hotel in Disneyland. Another thing that makes me happy is taking pictures with the Disney characters and just walking round laughing and having a good time. I think happiness is something everyone has in themselves and it is something that makes you feel good and just loved. Something else that makes me happy is listening to music, this makes me be in peace and just listen to the music that I like to listen to. I think happiness is something that is needed in order to live good and not always be mad and sad. Going out to eat with my family and just being together and talking and enjoying each others company is happiness. I also like going to vacations with my family and going to Los Angeles , and to Las Vegas, is mostly happiness and get you into a good mood. Happiness is peace and love, Happiness is something that makes your day by someone talking to you or just having positive emotions and joy. Related image

Friday, December 2, 2016

The word of Patience and persistence

The meaning of the words patience and persistence is being patient when something goes wrong and not the way you want it to go. I am mostly patient with my homework especially math. When i do my math homework i am patient while doing mostly because i get stuck and confused. I know a lot of people that are patient while doing work and something made is bad. I am patient with my niece because she would want her mom and she would want me to play games with her on her ipad sometimes.  I am patient with school because school could be hard sometimes in classes or grades mostly because the classes can be tough and the assignments are hard to complete or either you do not get it . Another person that could patient is the teachers because sometimes the students can be loud and disrespectful to them and they do not appreciate that at all so the teachers start to get loud and telling them to calm down. Those are some people that i think are patient even though sometimes it can be difficult and not the way you want to be.